About RxAll™

Our Story

RxAll is an AI-hyperspectral Platform for Authenticating Drugs.

Our platform uses a proprietary molecular sensor device with a cloud-based IP-protected AI algorithm and database of spectral signatures of drugs- both prescription and recreational- to carry out non-destructive drug authentication.

We work with drug regulators and other stakeholders to reduce branded drug counterfeiting and ensure that patients receive high quality authenticated drugs. Pharma manufacturers increase sales and patients have better access to high quality drugs.

We are expanding our business in Southeast Asia, Africa and the Americas. We are currently operational in Canada, China, Myanmar, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and Nigeria.

Users will find RxAll’s technology unique as it aims to assure the quality of drugs delivered to patients across the world.

RxAll is in the process of constructing a multitude of smaller platforms that can propel it closer towards its ultimate goal of a better tomorrow. These include RxRate™, StorsApp™, and many more.

Please visit the RxAll™ website here for more information.

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Our Testimonials

Jim Boyle

Managing Director, Yale Entrepreneurial Institute

"The RxAll team is motivated to make an impact, they are continuing to build their business case and have made terrific progress in creating a new platform that pharmacies in Africa want to use."

Pharm. Ishola, M.

Procurement Manager, University College Hospital, Nigeria

"RxAll offers a differentiated authentication service that allows us deliver assured theatre pack medications for highly sensitive theatre operations. Their service is prompt, satisfactory and professional. This is why we will continue to work with them."

Martin Klein

Director of InnovateHealth Yale and Associate Dean for Development and External Affairs at Yale School of Public Health

"RxAll has developed a compelling way to tackle the very serious global problem of counterfeit medications."

Emma Wang

MSD Digital Innovation, Singapore

"RxAll's AI platform is a unique solution to the fake drugs problem in SE Asia. It has a huge potential for adoption to this pressing issue across not just SE Asia but indeed across Asia."

Dr. Iftikar M.

Head New Products and Services, KPJ Hospitals Malaysia

"RxAll offers us a platform that allows us differentiate our hospital practice in Malaysia"